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1944 Wine and Port

1944 Wine Vintage Report

1944 Italian :

The 1944 Italian Vintage was overshadowed by the war, however a limited number of bottles were made. The best examples come from Barolo and the area of Piemonte and these are fine wines that will still be drinking well today.

1944 Bordeaux :

The 1944 wine vintage produced a good standard of Bordeaux wines. France was exceedingly fortunate in the matter of weather during the war. Never, certainly, in the last half century have the French vineyard districts known a comparable succession of dry summers or a higher average of good or creditable vintage years.

1944 Vintage Port :

1944-vintage-port The 1944 Port vintage was not declared. No Vintage Port or Single Quinta port was produced in this year. However, some excellent Colheita and Tawny Ports from 1944 were made and we are proud to offer one of the largest collections in the UK. These Colheita ports are true rarities which have been barrel aged until a special bottling commissioned by Vintage Wine and Port. The Kopke and Barros have been selected by the producer as being of the highest quality.
These colhieta ports from the 1944 harvest have already undergone oxidative ageing and as with all tawny port can be savoured over two months after opening.

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1944 1944 Kopke Colheita Port

An outstanding 1944 Single Harvest Colheita port.

This port has a bright amber colour with a brown-tawny halo. Elegant nose of dried fruits, well integrated with wood notes.
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1944 Barolo

Barolo is known as the 'king of wines' and is made from the Nebbiolo grape. Heady aromas of rose, leather, vanilla, cherry, pepper, cranberry, strawberry.
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1944 Chateau Latour

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1944 Barros

Topaz color and very intense aroma, slightly woody, a result of long aging in cask. Full-bodied, soft and velvety with distinctive flavours of dried fruit, which persist forever.
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1944 Burmester Port

This is a wine of exceptional quality and elegance,
a CASA BURMESTER classic that is made from a single harvest -
a "Vintage Tawny" - aged in small 550-litre oak barrels in our
Vila Nova de Gaia Cellars.
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